Project Learning in Action: The Wing Strength Design Project

An in-depth look at the impressive work of aviation students.

An in-depth look at the impressive work of aviation students.

VIDEO: Engineering Success: Students Build Understanding

Running Time: 10 min.

Aviation High School, in Seattle, Washington, is described as "the premier public high school of choice for students . . . who wish to pursue their passion for aviation and aerospace in a learning environment that prepares them for higher education, citizenship, and work."

This documentary by GLEF senior producer Ken Ellis looks at the school's Wing Strength Design Project.

The six PDFs linked below will be of interest to those looking for more detailed information about the Wing Strength Design Project and to anyone interested in the specifics of implementing project-based learning, regardless of the subject focus.

Teaching Tools

PDF Design File Checklist (174KB)

PDF Engineers' Scoring Guide (921KB)

PDF Wing Strength Design Evaluation Form (149KB)

PDF Student Final Survey Results (539KB)

Sample Student Work

PDF Final Wing Design File 1 (1MB)

PDF Final Wing Design File 2 (921KB)

This article originally published on 2/2/2007

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I would love to know what the driving question was for this project?

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