NEW GROUP! Includes discussions from the Administrators and Professional Development groups. What will it take to move our schools into the 21st century? Please share your thoughts and leadership strategies here.

Learning Consultant
High school principal from Belvidere, NJ
Focused on curriculum that helps students become technologically literate
Hall Principal at William Fleming High School
Principal, Harold Martin School, Hopkinton, NH
Program Director, Bryan Innovation Lab / The Steward School
Open Source Geek. Educator, Web developer.
Parent of 2 college students in Atlanta, supporter of schools through tech
Professor, manager of K-12 website on conflict resolution
Instructional Technology Coach
English teacher and writer for teacher's magazine, La Union, Philippines
High school English teacher from Nashville, Tennessee
High School Principal at Graded - The American School of Sao Paulo
Principal / West Bloomfield High School
School Social Worker
Instructional Designer, Educational Technology Consultant
Principal at Shook Intermediate School
Principal at Ketchikan Charter School/KGBSD
Principal of Anola School
Principal at Bellingham Christian School
Principal Franklin Middle School
author, educational consultant
4th Grade General Education Teacher