NEW GROUP! Includes discussions from the Administrators and Professional Development groups. What will it take to move our schools into the 21st century? Please share your thoughts and leadership strategies here.

History teacher and site PLC Lead in Escondido, CA
substitute trying to work in Minnesota
Educational Technologist for Sasebo ES/King MHS in Sasebo, Japan.
Administrator online campus operations software
6th grade Physical Science Teacher
8th Grade Science Teacher, Science Fair Coordinator, Jefferson County, WV
HS Math & Physics Instructor
Elementary Strategist/instructional coach
High School Principal
Assistant Principal at Loyola High School, Detroit.
Assistant Principal
Education coach, technology integration, and teacher.
Dean of Students/Pennfield Middle School
Superintendent- Kenilworth Schools; Adjunct- Rutgers University
Resource High School Teacher & Instructional Designer
Regional ICT Manager at Dept Education Training and Employment
Assistant Principal, Victoria Australia
Learning Technologist at Singapore International School, Hong Kong
Pre-service English 7-12
Director at Turkish International School, Sana'a, Yemen