NEW GROUP! Includes discussions from the Administrators and Professional Development groups. What will it take to move our schools into the 21st century? Please share your thoughts and leadership strategies here.

Biology/AP Biology teacher at Carrboro High School, NC
Asst Principal, Richland School District One
Superintendent of the American Community School of Abu Dhabi/Abu Dhabi, UAE
Education Specialist, ACES
Seventh Grade Inclusion Teacher from Central Florida
Middle School Integrated Curriculum-Aspiring Leader-Lifelong Learner
Student Success Coordinator
Principal of Glennie Heights State School in Warwick, Qld, Australia
Principal at Herrick Park Elementary in Tecumseh, Michigan
Teacher, Writer, Professional Development Advisor
Assisstant Director/Non-Profit/Private Early Childhood Center
National Program Director at Dancing Classrooms
Superintendent Paradise USD (Northern California)
English Teacher, Greece
Teacher (Sınıf öğretmeni 1-5 ) Türkiye -Mardin-
Teacher trainer and trainer of trainers
Dir. of IT, adjunct in educational technology
District Administrator Consultant/Advisor/Mentor
Director of Instruction, Kyiv International School
Law Of Attraction in schools, high energy physics, Lightning research
Principal, Mauston High School