NEW GROUP! Includes discussions from the Administrators and Professional Development groups. What will it take to move our schools into the 21st century? Please share your thoughts and leadership strategies here.

Director of Technology / Vail School District (AZ)
Preschool Teacher from Oakland CA
ESOL Teacher
Educational Consultant and Online Educator
Vice Principal, William H. Lincoln School, Brookline, MA
Professional Development Coordinator and Instrumental Music Teacher
High school business and technology and middle school technology teacher
Secondary PE teacher, Midlothian, Scotland
Seventh and eighth grade math teacher in Pennsylvania
University Lecturer
Member at TakingITGlobal
CEO/Co-Founder of
Special Education
High School Business Teacher and Adjunct College Instructor
High school social studies teacher from Kentucky
Grand Terrace High School Principal/Colton Joint Unified School District
Instructional Designer for Hutchinson Community College
Head Teacher, Junior Kindergarten; educational consultant, curric. design
Project Navigator for Parent Driven Schools
Gifted Resource Teacher, grades 6-8
Dean of Students, New Orleans, LA
4th grade teacher from Clyde, North Carolina
Training Coordinator & Support Analyst at Applied Educational Systems