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K-4 ELL teacher in Cookeville, TN (Putnam County)
6-8 grade Autism Teacher
10th grade Social Studies
K-2 Literacy Specialist
Vice Principal, Dhruv Academy
9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade Maths Teacher from India
High School Math Teacher
Academic Supervisor
1st grade teacher
Parent, Educator, Curator and Student of Life
A/L Further Math teacher
Teacher on Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management
College teacher
seventh and eighth grade science teacher
Instructional Coach
Edutopia Consulting Online Editor
High School Spanish teacher from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
physics and math teacher in highschool in Guayaquil,Ecuador,SouthAmerica
English teacher, Mississippi
Teacher Librarian for 13 Schools in the Sylvan Union School District
Parent of Grammar School Student in NYC
Digital Media Educator, Designer, and Filmmaker
Sixth grade science teacher