We parents know we're an important part of the equation. How can we best support our kids (and their teachers)?

Co-Founder, Core 4 All, LLC
Social Media Editor for Spark, a program of the Sprout Fund
Teaching 5th Grade in Portland, OR
Senior Manager of Video Programming, Production, & Curation at Edutopia
Elementary Teacher, 3rd Grade, Atlanta, GA
Parent of two, college-age and elementary school (grade K), Sacramento, CA
Parent 1 elementary school and 1 middle school student in Plano, Tx
1st to 6th grade teacher in Stockholm, Sweden
Educational Leadership Consultant & School Administrator
Founder, Cherokee Creek Boys School, therapeutic boarding in Westminster, S
7th/8th grade teacher of gifted from Pascagoula, MS
Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia
former HS teacher, MEd, Education Administration, mom of 2
9th grade teacher from Montclair, New Jersey
Parent of 2 elementary-school students in Buford, GA
Clinic Psychologist specialized in special education and parent
Adjunct, Reading Specialist, EC-12
Parent of 3 Sons, 15, 6 & 4 in Bradenton, FL,... Education Consultant
Newly licensed grades 7-12 mathematics teacher from Cleveland, Ohio.
Administrator at Majors School
Technology lead for Lewis and Clark School of Fairfax, VA
executive director @ Edutopia and mom of 2 kids
Storyteller, Educator based in Los Angeles
Director of Online Outreach at Social | Impact Consulting
Parent of 1 middle-school & 1 high-school student in Sierra Madre, CA
Long time educational advocate