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School Director, Campus Education San Francisco
Middle School Technology/Computer Instructor
Fourth Grade Homeroom Teacher From Irvine, CA
6th grade teacher from ILM, NC
4th grade language arts teacher from Cleveland, Ohio
Student teacher from Canada
Seventh grade Reading teacher, President of Reach Them to Teach Them, LLC
Senior Manager of Video Programming, Production, & Curation at Edutopia
High school mathematics and special ed teacher
I'm a student becoming a teacher
Seventh grade language arts teacher from Chandler, Arizona
Junior High Resource Teacher
Fifth Grade Teacher in Haddon Township, NJ and graduate student at UPenn
Spanish Specialist from Las Vegas, NV
Primary teacher from Orange County, CA
Elementary Teacher, 3rd Grade, Atlanta, GA
High School Math Teacher, Sebastopol, California
Graduate Student in Elementary Education
7th & 8th grade English teacher from Madrid, Spain
Spanish high school teacher, Virgninia Beach, VA
Secondary school teacher of English as a foreign language in Argentina
English teacher from Ukraine
Third grade elementary teacher from West Virginia
High School ELA Teacher, Delaware
Ninth Grade Academy Huntsville, AL
Attending Fredonia State w/ a major in Earlychildhood/Childhood Education
Fourth grade teacher for English learning students in China.