Whether you're an experienced arts educator, or a teacher looking for ways to bring life to your curriculum through visual arts, music, drama and dance, this group will provide a place to meet, share, and imagine!

Outreach coordinator, LUSD, looking for ways to advance support of learning
Reading Teacher, Adults and others.
Dance specialist for the only elementary arts focus school in Portland,OR
9-12 photography & graphics teacher from Oak Bluffs, MA
Office Manager at the Roarockit Skateboard Company
Teach Special Education at DMH Adolescent Education Program at UAB
Student, actor, writer
Elementary educator, Atlanta
Teacher Candidate, York University Fine Arts Program
parent and former teacher.
Founder of The Kids for Coltrane Project in Education
Parent of 2 teens, also Director at Guard Up Family Swordsmanship
11th-12th Grade English and Theatre teacher in Easton, Massachusetts
TiC Digital Technology
elementary music teacher, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
High School English & Drama Teacher
Elementary Strings Teacher from Maryland
Music Educator in Highline School District, Burien, Washington.
executive director @ Edutopia and mom of 2 kids
Storyteller, Educator based in Los Angeles
Theater director, writer & arts advocate
Director of Online Outreach at Social | Impact Consulting
9-12 Theatre
HS English Teacher in Philadelphia
General Music Specialist, Grades K-6, Worthington, Ohio
Former Social Media Marketing Assistant for Edutopia