Project learning can inspire the best of high-performance teamwork, or it can be devolve into unfocused chaos. How can we support each other to keep our eye on the prize? Share your project ideas, questions, and implementation experiences.

High School World Languages teacher in Cleveland, Ohio
7-12 young science teacher between jobs in Montana
4th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher from Ohio
High School, Biology I teacher
Secondary Science Resource Teacher
Researcher/Media for the Center of Advanced Technology in Education
Grammar and Literature Teacher in South Carolina
Continuation High School science teacher
Elementary classroom teacher
Digital Learning Agent of Change!
curriculum and projects learning centers
wikispaces curriculum creator
6-8 science teacher, Independent school, Topeka, Kansas
12th grade Bible teacher from Katy, Texas
Director, Saint Francis University Science Outreach Center
Long-Term Librarian Substitute
Middle School Spanish Teacher from Lake Geneva, WI
Gifted Ed. Math teacher in Gilbert, AZ
Director of Educadores Globais
Librarian for Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng, South Africa
privat teacher
Mexican TEFL teacher in Junior High School at Oaxaca, Mexico
8th Grade Science Teacher & Science Department Chair, Baltimore, MD
Student in Elementary Education
Teacher/Educator/Speaker/Facilitator on High School - Business/Careers
Grade five teacher