Project learning can inspire the best of high-performance teamwork, or it can be devolve into unfocused chaos. How can we support each other to keep our eye on the prize? Share your project ideas, questions, and implementation experiences.

District Literacy Coach from Columbus, Indiana
Special Effects Technician with a passion for education
Seventh grade language arts teacher from Campbellton, New Brunswick
Social Studies teacher at Mountain Ridge Junior High
Co-Founder & CEO of
7/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher in Maine
9th Grade Physical Science and 8th grade FOSS trained teacher
Catholic high school English teacher in Santa Rosa, CA
Sixth grade Judaics/Hebrew teacher, Houston, TX
Parent Education Coordinator, Substitute Teacher
8th grade Language Arts Teacher (Texas)
Asst. Principal/Pembroke Hill School
Marketing Manager at Exploratorium
"Satisfaction is the end of struggle"
Junior in College
4th Grade Teacher
English teacher
I am a parents and I am a students of Masters in Education at Murdoch Uni
(Mostly Language Arts) Teacher of independent learners from 7-12th grade
High school teacher from Mukdahan, Thailand
Graduate Faculty at Bank Street College of Education in New York City
sixth grade social studies teacher from South Carolina