Should school districts let outside operators run public schools?

Yes. A competitive bidding process will allow districts to find the best possible operators for schools, resulting in a better education for students.
26% (78 votes)
No. Districts need to work with teachers and administrators to improve public schools themselves, not outsource the job.
55% (169 votes)
Maybe. Only districts where many schools consistently fall short of improvement targets should consider opening schools to outside operators.
19% (58 votes)
Total votes: 305

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John Stallcup (not verified)

Outside companies operating schools

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KIPP academy has been operating the most effective middle schools in the worst performing districts all over the country.
If we had 1000 KIPPs instead of 50 the positive impact would be obvious. Hurry.

Rich Bartolowits (not verified)

Online Learning Coordinator for public school district

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It is interesting that the unions respond that we should instead "make schools more democratically managed." This would suggest that there are too many mandates from the state and federal level. This seems like an interesting change of attitude.

I wonder if anyone is afraid that the bidders might not be unionized.

Throughout history monopolies have led to higher prices and lower quality. Perhaps some competition within the system will spur improvements.

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