Should the state require teacher certification for parents who homeschool their children?

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Mike (not verified)

Leave it to the

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Leave it to the professionals. I am educated, but I am fully aware of my limitations so I choose for my children to be educated by professional, state-certified educators.

Moselle (not verified)

Credentials for Home Schooling

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I had a combination of private and homeschooling for the first part of my education. Due to several circumstances, I was forced into public school after this. It was the worst experience of my life. I was supposed to go into 4th grade because of my age, but after my placement tests showed that I was at a college reading level (in 5th grade) and at an 8th grade math level, they conceded that I didn't belong in 4th grade and "graciously" allowed me to go into 5th. I tested for the honors program but was told that I thought too creatively for the program. From then on out, my grades plummeted. I started playing with GeoBoards and Pattern Blocks for my "advanced math," this was standard practice in my school. Apparently the multiplication tables and algebra was no longer considered important. I forgot much of what I'd learned in homeschooling (except for the reading level). In addition, much of what I received in "education" was from the kids in my classroom - and even for an upper middle class area, the kids had some experiences and information I probably didn't need to know at age 9.

I am currently studying to receive my B.S. in Business Administration at Columbia College, a U.S. News "Best College." I may or may not receive my teaching certificate at a later time.

I have a young son who I plan to homeschool. We will be using a curriculum that allows us to work with an academy for transcript purposes, but essentially I will be his teacher. I know where my weaknesses are, and things like lesson plans are part of them. I am an educated, stay-at-home mom who pursues her own education and recognizes the importance of it. I am smart enough to ask for help when I need it. So why, then, should I be required to get a paper that recognizes that fact?

DCS (not verified)

No on Home Schooling

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I have watched my two nieces and one nephew grow up without an education. My sister's idea of home schooling was to teach them the times tables and hand them books to read. There was no state supervision. No one seemed to know that they existed. All three did attend grade school for a short time, but were taken out of the school. My sister did graduate from college, but has no teaching experience, nor certificate, nor the discipline of daily lessons, to teach. Her children grew to adulthood and could only get low-paying work in their church. I won't name the church, but I will say it's a major cult.

My oldest niece, I will never see, because she has been brainwashed by this church and her parents and recently tried to leave. But she went back into the organization. She said she could not imagine what job or position she could do without an eduction. She knows she was not educated!

Now, my grandniece is about to be six years old and she, too, is being "home schooled" by her mother. This lovely, little girl is very bright but is lost. I'm wrestling with reporting her to the local school district. I hate to see this cycle repeat.

I haven't read all these comments, but what about the poor children that get lost ---- through the cracks --- and have a very poor education, or none, as my neices and nephew have?

All home schooling is not wonderful! My nephew is doing a manual labor job and has his own business, but believe me, he is stuck is that job. At times I see him come home exhausted and his face with no hope.

I'm delighted to see that certification will be needed to home school.

Christina (not verified)

something in between

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I believe that parents should have some background in the subjects that they are teaching if they are teaching high schoolers. But having a teaching credential...not necessary. You could be an engineer and not have a math credential or be a geologist, and not have an earth science credential, and you would be better qualified to teach the corresponding subjects than 90% of teachers. Having taken a single college class in the subject should suffice.

And for parents of younger children, nothing should be required except perhaps a high school diploma. The one-on-one personalized attention will more than compensate for extra training/education that teachers have.

Ricky (not verified)

From a home schoolee

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I was home schooled for three years during high school. I was the one that chose to go on home schooling because to be blunt my high school sucked. I'm a big advocate for public schools, but the fact is most public schools are in a dire state. I even went to one of the best (listed number 34 in a national survey) public schools of the United States.But I never felt like a was getting a good education. I started high school learning the same material I had in middle school. We learned basic facts out of textbooks for the purpose of a state test that only showed our ability to memorize all we could and regurgitate for a mere 2-3 hours. There's such a focus of monitoring schools on a federal level, as well as focusing on getting kids to college or job. We never teach students to be critical thinkers, to be creative, or to be active citizens. We only teach them how to get to the next step and hopefully prove that your school is teaching you how to memorize and regurgitate along the way.

My home schooling experience was great. I still did sports and other outside activities, so I was socialized. My mother was a certified high school teacher in chemistry, biology and physics. But just having that certification didn't mean she could teach me everything. Honestly to be on the normal grade level I could teach myself with or without her. All teachers ever did for me was read out of a textbook, I can do the same on my own in less time. Instead I took classes at universities close by, and also had real life education experiences in a variety of ways. Not being in school 7 hours out of the day gave me time to actually learn. It's been four years since then, and in a week I will be graduating from UC Berkeley.

Home schooling was a great alternative, and I don't think a parent needs to be certified to teach their kids. But there should be some sort of regulation. Yes states should be involved, but not to the extent of all the state testing that goes on nowadays. Regulation should be on a local level. I was from New York, and for me the best option was to take regents exams to show my proficiency, even though I was only required to take one exam. Regular year end tests were just like a final, and honestly with the time most have on homeschooling, you can learn the material that takes most kids a year in only a month. Also parents should be required to show that there kids are on some sort of team, or part of an activity with other kids their ages. But the flexibility should be given to the parent, that is the point of homeschooling, to give an alternative.

Sarah (not verified)

I agree

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That is one thing that i also disagree about with home schooling. When parents use it as a tool to shelter their children from all views beyond their own. I think close mindedness like this is really pathetic and that children should be exposed to differing views, this is how kids can grow to become well rounded wise and productive members of society. If people disagree with my thoughts I'm sorry, I've coached gymnastics for almost ten years now and the kids who are home schooled are much more likely to have troubles socially. I've seen it time and time again. I also speek this way because i am currently getting my teaching degree and am taking most of my methods class this semester and i do not see how a parent can possibly feel they are qualified to educate their children in such complicated areas as English Math and Science if they don't have a degree in the field and don't understand how to build a spiral learning pattern and how to build on old material in a way to develop skills and prepare for college.

Lorri P (not verified)

homeschool vs public

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I see alot of paragraphs, and some studious thoughts. I am a parent of 5, all public school thus far. But nearing down to the last two kids, I see the benifits of homeschool.
While I'm not going to counter all your paragraphs of your opinions, I think I can surely summarize most.
a; your point of the school/district not having benifit of funding came up alot. That's not exactly pro having my child in the school. ( and we do still pay taxes which are substantially school oriented)
b; you say how generously open and liberal about religions. Actually not so. Schools are very hush hush to certain religions,( but they do seem to be ok with islam), that's ok. And second, it's not exclusivity in religion, it's all encompassing! There should be God over all. And not crazy cult like either, just plain, God, country, family thing.
c; who says just being a parent say you home school? You don't. Eho says, so I birthed them, I must teach school? I raised three step daughters whom their mother couldn't care less about their welfare. Women who give birth ( or girls), don't qualify to change the kids diaper- doesn't make them homeschool material either. Parents who care, who see the alternatives, should make a healthy decision of really immersing into learning themselves.
D; "facilities and an atmosphere that encourages
learning. Homes are very unlikely to have extensive science laboratories, sports facilities.." Really? We house them? We aren't social ourselves to know there are college campuses that have mass amounts of atmosphere, labs, and sports? I live by museums, planatariums, dinasaur digs/parks, olympic size pools, skating facilities, public libraries all within 5 miles of our home??! I would home school with the idea that the world is open to the children. I wouldn't have to fund raise for our school to fit 30, yes 30 students $100 for the buss ride to go down the street to visit a hospital to learn CPR. I could just go in my vehicle ( yes, not a buggy), and get er done with my two kids.
e; I'm in the social spectrum too. "How presumptuous to think one might know better than that accumulated wisdom how to teach a child - as if that child being the product of an individual suddenly enhanced that individual’s knowledge ....."
How presumptuous indeed , that accumulated wisdom accounts for nothing as an expert suddenly on my child. Even a doctor know that we know more of whats going on with our own child. Of course not everyone who gives birth is a good parent! But a good parent is one that seeks out the best for their child!If it so be that they research, they are ultamately accountable!

And by the by. My now 15 year old public school child, had a horrible experience at her elemantary level. She got beat up on school grounds, where the STAFF said all they could do for her was give her a badaid. They didn't even let her call home for me to pick her up.
My 10 year old boy was taunted while on recess, and are taught do not fight or hit back. He proceeds to tell the 'authority' on the school grounds, and they told him go away. The next time it happened, he hit back, he and the boy got suspended for a day.
My 9 year old girl loves reading, writing, everything about school, until she got the teacher from hell. Now, school is a task, finds reasons to stay home, etc. It's not the students! It's the teachers, the office worker who hates kids, it's the princpal who doesn't proact, they react.
I guess I'm not smart enough to protect my own children. And I really should love the socialization that is happening now in schools. What am I thinking wanting an OPTION for my children!

Lorri P (not verified)

credentials for having kids too?

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I am investigating homeschooling as an option for my kids because quite frankly, for pure socialization doesn't require a degree. And looking at the "real" teachers post ahead of yours, well, they seem to be annoyed at parent involvment. I thought my participation in PTA ( which funds ALOT of teacher parties, teacher appreciation, playgrounds, field trips, etc) was needed. I know why they don't want us there. I hear about it when I'm not there. And when my high schooler was attending, the band teacher was doing a student in the sound proof room. Another teacher was having some down time smoking weed with several students. I can go on and on. I've heard accredited school teachers cuss up a storm in classes ( real professional). I've witnessed just this year a teacher tell a student, " you have a serious problem boy". Wow, if only I were credentialed. If anyone who abhors homeschooling as a CHOICE, why are most of the same type of people ok with killing an unborn child? I happen to think more spiritually minded of children. I slso have many "educated" friends who seem no smarter after they recieved their diploma. So some people sat in a classroom and stayed there for four years, some people can function, and have kids and still make more money. The constitution,religion, played a major role for our early founding fathers, and they seemed to turn out ok. History now is such a trickled down version of that( what's ok poilitically correct and all), I know I can do a better job. Does anyone who says there should be such rules really have children? Second, do they participate at school? I know I haven't seen huge turn outs of parents who are so involved in thier own kids, no, rather these are the people involved in other peoples lives. This is why the country was made, religion, freedom, liberties. If we start forcing credentials on parents who want to do right by their kids they helped create with GOD, and raise accountable to GOD, what's next? Parental Eligibility to Birth? Ha! It would probably involve alot of single or married, teacher certified people! I'm still in public schools, but it's going to happen this next year, and thank heaven I live in America that I have that choice.

Marie (not verified)

Well first of all before you

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Well first of all before you start casting stones you should do a spell check before you post. Fisical is not the correct spelling of physical. Did you go to college? I do not think that because you go to college that makes you qualified to be smart enough to be a teacher. Who are we to judge another familys belief system? We are not there when she teaches do you know that she is not teaching them correctly? If it were that serious call cps. At least she graduated high school and did not drop out. Maybe she is doing it for the wrong reasons but that is none of your busines unless you think they are being abused. Take the right step if you really care about the children. The note you posted shows your maturity level and frankly based on that you are not out of elemntary school yet. So before you air out someone elses laundry check your own.

lnojohnson (not verified)

I am currently at a state

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I am currently at a state university studying to become a teacher and I also work at an after school program, so I guess my life revolves around children and their education. I believe that if a parent does homeschooling right it can be much better than a public education, but in too many cases it is abused. To become a certified teacher you must have a BA and credentials. In many colleges it is 4 years for a BA plus another year for credentialing. That is a total of 5 years of education, specifically for how to properly educate children in ALL aspects of their development. I honestly think that the government needs to regulate homeschooling just as strictly as they do with public education. Kids being home schooled should be required to join a group (for social reasons), take annual state exams showing their improvement, and require the parents to have more than a high school education. Having a BA is preferred, but in this society, that is asking too much from parents, so I think they should at least have an AA and be required to take tests proving that they have acquired enough knowledge to do homeschooling with the help of a state approved program. If the child does not show the appropriate level of improvement over the year being home schooled the child must then be required to go to a school or program with a certified teacher educating them. I have seen a child in the 9th grade who has been home schooled for 5 years, who does not know their multiplication tables, and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it because they government has no regulations over homeschooling. Something needs to be done and ALL parents needs to be responsible for their child's education, whether they are in public school, private school or home schooled. I guess I'll get off my soap box now. LOL

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