Is your school prepared to handle a violent attack?

Yes. Our school has made safety a priority by setting up a comprehensive plan to prevent and respond to violence. Teachers are well prepared to facilitate emergency procedures, and students know what is expected of them and how to protect themselves.
14% (6 votes)
Somewhat. Although there are some guidelines in place, they are not enough to ensure true preparedness. Much more needs to be done before our school’s crisis-response plan is as effective as it needs to be.
48% (21 votes)
No. Our school has put little to no effort into creating a coordinated response plan. Should an attack occur, we would be woefully unprepared to handle it.
39% (17 votes)
Total votes: 44

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Ann Snider (not verified)

Violent Acts

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We are presently in the process of broadening our definition of violent acts for our Kansas schools. Do you have one in place you would share with us? Presently we are using, "malicious acts against students or staff which result in the student receiving out-of-school suspension or expulsion.

Lea Bell (not verified)

School safety

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This may be the one situation in which teaching in an inner-city environment is an advantage. My school practices monthly lock-down drills and has off duty police security. The students live with violence on a daily basis. Guns, other weapons, and fighting are part of their daily lives. We were dealing with these situations long before Columbine made it trendy and the government mandated it.

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