Do today's students have too much homework?

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Why homework pile-ups??? (not verified)


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Dude, I can see why that teachers give out homework, BUT WHY SO MUCH MAN?!?! I mean, c'mon, if I were to write a petition on ANYTHING I want, than I'd do a petition on reducing all schools in America to reduce homework by 80%! I'd be even happier if all homework was to be BANNED man!

kassee (not verified)

too much homework over the weekend!!!!

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i hate the whole "homework over the weekend" idea!!!

Cheyenne Baltonado (not verified)

Thanks A Lot!

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This really helped my research project and report.

Anonymous (not verified)

High School

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I'm a junior in high school, and I got to a school where emphasis on grades = respect.

In 9th grade I took 12 classes in 8 period a day
In 10ht grade I took 14 classes in an 8 period day
and this year I'm taking 12 classes.

My entire schedule is AP & advanced classes, and I tell you what, it's painful.

I come home and have a MINIMUM of 4 hours of work--sheer work, and that doesn't include studying.
I work form 6pm-11pm, then get up at 5am to finish whatever I didn't get done the night before, because I was just falling asleep.

The first weeks of school I was getting 2 hours of sleep a night. I finally just started my homework half-witted, just making it look like I did it, and taking chances, and spark notes, etc.

Really, it's painful and detrimental to my health. I have a constant headache because I'm living on four to five hours of sleep a night.

Did I mention that I also play multiple instruments, involved in multiple clubs, and even work for my mom time to time?

My weekends are spend sleeping--16 hours straight, then doing homework. It's not a very good cycle, but I only have a year and a half left!

sick of it!!! (not verified)


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My friends and I have home work every freakin night. They, the teachers, even gave us homework over the weekend.One of my friends took three hours doing the weekend homework. I had to finish mine the night before and I had to stay up until like 11 o'clock. how can they do something like this, espcially with Christmas coming up? It's like they think we have no life away from school.

Alysha (not verified)

i cant take it anymore!

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i can see that teachers assign homework, they dont have time in class to do it all.
BUT that doesnt give them the right to give us homework in EVERY class and every night! i spend well over two hours doing homewrok! i usually dont finish it untill like 3 and even then i dont finish it! i am caught up with chores, sports and after school activities. i can never hang out with my friends and i am getting stressed out with all of this homework! i dont want to be spending my high school year doing homework!I am not alone on this eighter, as u can see other people have wrote down what they feel, below, and my friends agree with me when i say "we have to much homewrok"! alot of homework stresses teens out! and with that stress makes us not want to do homework and if we dont do the homework we get bad grades and if we get bad grades we stress out even more, which is a never ending cycle! I was on the honor roll through middle school until 8th grade! 8th grade i was so stressed out about after school activities that i just didnt turn in my homework! the effect of that was.... bad grades and stress! but i think u get my point now!
Anyway.. i have alot more i have to say about homework, but i am going save that for my paper, which i am writting about... you quested it! homework!

I am postting this comment because i feel that teachers need to be aware of the exsesive problems that us teens have about homework! i hope that as many people can see this and understand what a big promblem it is, and we can do something about it!!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

too much homework!

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well, homework in itself is useful for reviewing what was learned, however the amount of homework that teachers give out now-a-day is horrendous! The average teen spends at least 3.25 hours doing homework a day (and that's on the days when teachers decide to lighten up the homework load). And as student's increase in grade level, the amount of sleep they get decreases. The US department of health suggest 8 hours of sleep to be the minimum for maximum performance the next day, however due to the overwhelming amounts of homework, students get 4-7 hours tops. This is ridiculus! how can they expect students to perform well on tests and to maintain good grades when they basically become sleep deprived apes or overworked robots.

So anyway, I'm in the 10th grade and the classes that I am taking are:
Spanish 2
English 10
Chemistry 1
World history

and wouldn't you think that since I don't have any AP or college course classes that my work load should be better? well, for pe, we don't get any homework, for Spanish 2 we always get 5-6 pages of work to do every night, for English, we have to write 2 pages a night as well as read a chapter a day from the current book as well as start writing an essay due every 2 weeks. for chemistry, we usually do 2 section reviews a day, for history, we take notes on the chapters, and for trig, we get 45-50 math problems a day. Isn't that lovely?
Personally, I get home at 3:40, start homework at 4:15 and usually finish at around 11pm. I don't feel as bad for myself as i do for my friend who sometimes doesn't even sleep for 2-3 days straight because the college course she's taking gives out unrealistic amounts of homework. :/

Homework sucks (not verified)


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Erick (not verified)

Too much Homework

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I 2, am doing an argumentive/persuasive essay on "2 much homework". I, as a senior, feel that we "students" are getting too much homework. It affects us in many ways, but most importantly, it causes students to constantly stress. Study shows that stress kills brain cells. If you want to get scientific, stress can destroy newly created neurons in the hippocampus, the brain region involved in memory and emotion.We all know that most of the brain stops growing by adulthood,but still, new nerve cells are continually generated in the generated in the hippocampus, where they are essential for learning.Scientists have long known that vhronic stress can inhibit this neurogenesis and lead to depression.

Homework affects our social lives as well. I can hardly ever go out with my friends, because I always have alot of homework. One ends up losing many of their friends, due to lack of communication, and just spending time with them.

I end up sleeping around 3 in the morning, because I am constanly doing essays for several different classes. I wake at 6 to get to school at 7. I have no energy, and a couple times, have even fallen asleep in class due to my deprivation of a good rest.

I am just a normal student, in a normal high school, with a normal life. I am not complaining, but instead, looking out for the next generation, and I don't want them to go through all the things I've gone through. I'm not saying no homework, I'm just saying "we(lol, not me speaking) are kids, let us live". How can they experience all the wonderful things this life has to offer, if they are constantly doing homework?

-scientific mind(an article on stress), june/july 2007
*sorry this isn't a gud reference, but it was a photocopied article,given to me from a very friendly teacher.

Anonymous (not verified)


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Im in 7th grade and i get to much homework. I get homework in about every subject/period. i never have enough time to hang out with my friends. It suxx. Im trying to convince the principle to lower the amount of homework in our school. reply if u agree with me

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