Do teacher unions promote education reform?

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W Fox (not verified)

The purpose of a union is to

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The purpose of a union is to provide benefit to its membership. In the case of a teachers' union the primary allegiance is towards the teacher membership. When the perceived needs of the membership are in conflict with educational reform, the union by definition must oppose reform.
Mike Meechin (not verified)

This is the battle between

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This is the battle between the good and the evil. I have seen both sides of the aisle firsthand. I taught in Massachusetts for one year, a very unionized state, and now I am teaching in Florida a non-union state. I believe that unions can become machines in larger cities and this can be dangerous for schools, since these unions can take on a political agenda. However, here in Florida we have no real say in anything that drives school districts. We need to find a happy medium in all of this. Schools need to be teacher driven, instead of union driven. We need to pay teachers more money by dropping merit pays programs. This will help to break some of the frip that unions have on both their members and school districts.
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