We focus on student learning, using Project-Based approaches to language acquisition, helping students become world citizens who communicate in more than one language, with cross-cultural competence, and who seek to make the world a better place.

High School Spanish from Indianapolis, IN
Instructional Technology Curriculum Specialist
UALR Student majoring in Spanish with a minor in Education and parent of 4
HS Spanish teacher
Chinese teacher from Fresno
spanish education student at university of dayton
High School French Teacher from New Orleans, LA
K-1 teacher Charter school
K-5th Spanish teacher
High school Spanish teacher
High school Chinese teacher in St. Louis
Spanish teacher, Kewaskum WI
Middle & High School Spanish teacher; Kansas
Middle School Dean, Humanities and French teacher indep. school in MD
Foreign Language teacher Orange Schools, Pepper Pike, Ohio
Sixth grade Spanish, sixth grade leadership teacher in Ho Chi Minh City.
Researcher and Writer
Adjunct Professor and Bilingual Public School Teacher
High School Student Achievement Coach
Kindergarden and 1st to 6th grade teacher at Sunrise School
Spanish and Humanities High School Teacher in Hawaii
ELL Coach
French, German, and Latn Teacher in Mississippi. Parent of three.
Middle School Spanish Teacher
High school Spanish teacher in Indiana
High School Spanish teacher in Portsmouth, VA
Education Technology - Volunteer