We focus on student learning, using Project-Based approaches to language acquisition, helping students become world citizens who communicate in more than one language, with cross-cultural competence, and who seek to make the world a better place.

eleven grade spanish teacher from Dallas, Tx
Spanish teacher
i m a student
English as a Foreign Language Teacher living in Kobe, Japan.
Middle school English language teacher from Morocco.
Global Citizen, Teacher and Social Action/Education Expert
Junior and Senior Spanish teacher at an all-male Jesuit high school in MI
Assessment Specialist in Salt Lake City School District
Teacher, SMKN 1 Karawang
Academic Director / Nantawan International School - Thailand
High School Japanese Teacher from California
K-12 STEM educator
Co-Founder, Core 4 All, LLC
Spanish Teacher from Detroit
First-year Spanish teacher (levels 1 and 2) in Detroit, MI
ESL teacher
High School World Languages teacher in Cleveland, Ohio
Researcher/Media for the Center of Advanced Technology in Education
Long-Term Librarian Substitute
High School Teacher
Mexican TEFL teacher in Junior High School at Oaxaca, Mexico
K-3 Spanish Teacher in Decatur, GA
Basque language teacher in a HIgh School in Pamplona, (Navarre) SPAIN
project officer at The Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning