Best practices for teaching K-12 reading/writing.

Grade 7-8 teacher from Toronto, Ontario
High school English teacher from Michigan
Researcher and Tech-savvy Organizer
Language Arts/Visual Arts student-teacher from Tacoma, Washington
Secondary Spanish and English Teacher
High school English teacher
Student teacher/substitute teacher in Vermont
Graduate Student, Inclusive Education (1-6)
Paraprofessional in High School Special Education /GCPS
First Grade teacher from Rockton, Illinois
Kindergarten teacher from Los Angeles, CA
eLearning Coordinator, Secondary school, Sydney Australia
pre-service elementary teacher
District Literacy Coach
Childhood Inclusive Education Major, SUNY Fredonia, New York
Digital Resource Curator at Edutopia
3rd grade special education teacher from NJ
Eleventh grade history and English teacher in Ithaca, New York
4th grade Language Arts Educator
I give the best of me to my kids, so they will be better than me!
Recruiting Assistant at Educational Connections
First Grade Teacher, Colorado Springs, Colorado
MA Ed. Social Studies Program
Dance/Movement Teaching Artist (NC)
Chair, Dept. of English, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Baltimore, Maryla
District Technology Coordinator
1st to 6th grade teacher in Stockholm, Sweden
BSC Teacher K-5th
Director of Professional Development at a DC area independent school
4th Grade Teacher in Hong Kong
Education Consultant