QUIZ: Tech Savvy Teaching: How Do You Rank?


YOU ▼  

Newbie (Beginner)

Taking this quiz means you might be showing some interest in tech integration. So let's start there and see if we can help you see the merit in bringing technology into the classroom. Check out these starter tips and helpful how-tos:

  1. Join one of Edutopia's tech groups for support and inspiration:
    Technology Tools
    Games for Learning
  2. Download our Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media Guide.
  3. Find software that helps you track students, reach parents, and optimize your time.
  4. Manage your classroom and help students manage their work with an online teacher-managed calendar.
  5. Explore how technology integration can give students a more personalized learning experience.
  6. Get to know the habits, interests, and tech needs of your students through profiles of digital youth.
  7. Find out how your wired students can help you integrate tech.
  8. Get tips from teachers on how to use new media tools in your classroom.
  9. When you are ready, check out lesson plans online.
  10. Get a taste of the richness of online resources in virtual libraries.
  11. Don't worry, try YouTube! (Here's a video on how to bring YouTube into the discussion.)