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fourth grade teacher, PA Writing and Literature project fellow
Founder, head, and PK-3 teacher at he Phoenix School in Salem, MA
Fourth-Fifth grade math teacher from Ohio
Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia
Focused on curriculum that helps students become technologically literate
K-1 Spanish Teacher from Tyrone, PA
Instructional Technology Coach
4th grade teacher southern California
Kindergarten ICT Teacher
Principal at Shook Intermediate School
Principal at Ketchikan Charter School/KGBSD
author, educational consultant
Academic mentor/tutor - Grade 5. Academic/Activity Team Leader - Middle Sch
Parent of gifted and twice exceptional girls
Education Consultant (Early Childhood Education)
Teacher Agent of Change, Power of US Foundation
Certified EC-5 Substitute Teacher and Private Tutor in North Texas
Preservice Teacher - Student Teaching Fall of 2011
Parent of 2 elementary-school students in Buford, GA
Instructional Facilitator in Arkansas
3rd Grade Teacher, Oak Ridge, TN