Director of Wellness Through Movement
Project manager, Conscious Dimensions LLC.
Second Grade Teacher in Phoenix, Arizona
Kindergarten Teacher from Cleveland, Ohio
Educational Consultant - Matters of the Mind and Heart
University Professor, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil
Our mission is to develop the potential of high ability children
High School Environmental Science Teacher
ESL Teacher in Fort Worth, TX
Leading a National Call to Character
Teacher by Day; Discount Broker by Night @
Creator of Genna & Russ, The Generous Kids
Director of Early Childhood Education at Manor College
Outreach coordinator, LUSD, looking for ways to advance support of learning
K-8 Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Elementary school special education teacher in Carrollton, Kentucky
Teach Special Education at DMH Adolescent Education Program at UAB
Social-Emotional Learning Specialist
Intervention Specialist, 5th-6th grades
Spanish Immersion Elementary Teacher