Clinic Psychologist specialized in special education and parent
7th/8th grade health/fcs educator
Mom of 3, education community manager
Special Education High School Teacher in Ohio - English, Math
Special / inclusive education teacher from Philadelphia,PA
Teacher of French and Spanish
5th grade teacher
Third grade Student Teacher from League City, Texas
math teacher
Pastor at Iglesia Nuevo Testamento de Ponce
Elementary Teacher, Psycopedagogue specialized in Autism. Therapist
Parent of 3 children in New York state.
Arts in Education Coordinator
7/8 Drama, Film, Honors & Regular Language Arts
education department, teacher trainer
Elementary Principal Grade1-6 Bs As ARGENTINA
3rd grade teacher; Denver, CO
8th grade language arts teacher from Michigan
Art Teacher & Service Learning Coordinator - middle & high - private school
BTSA Coordinator K-8
Founder and Coach, ImprovEducation
Kindergarten Student Teacher
a licensed mental health profesional in the seattle area