Collaborate with others to utilize Game-Based Learning and engaging in Gamification of Education!

parent and former teacher.
11th-12th Grade English and Theatre teacher in Easton, Massachusetts
TiC Digital Technology
Culinary Instructor for Jr & Sr Career/Tech school, northern Illinois
7th Civics and 8th American History Teacher
4th grade teacher from Illinois
Student Teacher, Flagstaff Arizona
Former Social Media Marketing Assistant for Edutopia
Librarian at Bainbridge High School
Raising prosperous and confident kids!
Educational Technologist, STEM Advocate
Teach for America, 2013 Corps Member--Alabama
English Department Chair @ small rural middle/high school in Northwest CT
Fourth Grade Teacher from Chicago, IL
English as a Foreign Language Teacher in Portugal
Games, simulations, role-play, debriefing
Parent of 2 primary-school aged students in Prescott Ontario, Canada
Teacher, high school students with autism, Los Angeles
K-5 Instructional Technology Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor
Academic Technology Coordinator for The Galloway School
Academic Technology Coordinator @ The Galloway School
Special Education Teacher
World geography teacher Joplin, MO
Health Science Instructor
Sixth grade ELA teacher fromHouston, TX
Special Education teacher, aspiring instructional leader
Yr 5-6 Teacher, Head of Sport and PE, Head of ICT
Science and engineering high school teacher from Boston, MA
Fifth grade English,Science and Social Studies teacher from Pakistan.