A New Day for Learning, Part One

A New Day for Learning, Part One:  Exploring Full-Time-Learning Programs

What Is A New Day for Learning?

A New Day for Learning represents a growing national movement to redefine how, when, and where students learn so they can maximize potential and excel later in life. The initiative has encouraged an outpouring of programs that make learning a "full-time" focus through enriched activities during and beyond the school day, including afternoons, evenings, weekends, and summers. The following articles, documentaries, interviews, and other content illustrate these full-time-learning programs and detail how student learning can be improved throughout the day. More

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Selected Programs from A New Day for Learning, Part One

  • A student is a chemistry lab.

    After-School Apprenticeships: Enrichment programs for Chicago teens. More

  • Students panning for gold.

    Betting on Vegas: Stretching the resources of the fastest-growing school district in the nation. More

  • Woman in a writing workshop.

    Volunteer Writing Coaches: A growing network of workshops gets kids writing. More

  • Two boys entering the woods.

    The Walden Project: Vermont teens discover science and a love of learning. More

  • Student at a drafting table.

    School-to-Career: Architecture internships that build math and science skills. More

  • A stylized clock.

    Time to Rethink Time: Schools are captives of an outdated calendar. More

  • Polaroid of Jodi Grant.

    Can After-School Programs Help?: Proposing a solution. More

  • Family of cows.

    On the Ranch: Valuable vocational lessons learned from farming. More

  • Students configure their GPS units.

    NatureMapping: Fourth graders in a national project make meaningful contributions to science. More

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