Edutopia Webinar: A New Day for Learning

How to Cultivate Full-Time Learners

How to Cultivate Full-Time Learners

Release Date: 2/12/09

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February 12, 2009: "A New Day for Learning: How to Cultivate Full-Time Learners"

Host: Milton Chen, executive director emeritus, The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Presenters: Hillary Salmons, executive director, Providence After School Alliance (PASA), and Karen Dvornich, continuing education coordinator, NatureMapping

Description: Discussion and exploration of A New Day for Learning, which showcases model programs that engage students in the array of learning opportunities inside, and outside of, the classroom. You'll walk away from the webinar with lesson plans, best practices, and tips you can implement in your school, your school district, or your community.

Learn more at the webinar's discussion page or dive in to our New Day for Learning coverage of after school and full-time learning programs.

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