Edutopia Quiz: What Is Your Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence -- the ability to empathize, persevere, control impulses, communicate clearly, solve problems, and work with others -- can be a critical skill for teachers. This quiz should help you learn more about how you manage emotions. It takes less than five minutes to complete and provides personalized tips for how to improve the way you manage your classroom and interact with your students.

Think about the last week as you answer the following questions. How often have you engaged in the behavior or activity described while at school?

During the last week, while I was at school:

NeverRarelySometimesOftenVery Often
1. I asked my students about the emotions they were experiencing.
2. I was able to help my students manage their feelings so that they could concentrate on learning.
3. I used a range of words to describe the feelings of my students.
4. I encourage students to share their feelings.
5. I had no trouble coming up with the best word to describe my feelings.
6. I easily described the emotions my students were feeling.
7. I easily identified the best words to describe my students’ feelings.
8. I looked at the facial expressions, body postures, and other nonverbal behaviors of my students to help determine how they were feeling.
9. I was able to reduce negative feelings my students were having.
10. I paid attention to my physical feelings to help determine which emotions I was experiencing.
11. I was aware that my thoughts and behavior were affected by my emotions (e.g., I was angry, so I yelled).
12. I was aware of my emotional “triggers” (what caused me to experience different emotions).
13. I was able to initiate an emotion I wanted to feel.
14. I created an environment where students felt safe sharing their feelings.
15. I was able to manage my feelings so that they would not interfere with a task I needed to complete.

Marc A. Brackett, Ph.D., David R. Caruso, Ph.D., and Susan E. Rivers, Ph.D. from Emotionally Intelligent Schools helped create this quiz for Edutopia.

* These questions required to compute quiz results.