The JASON Project: Kids Become Virtual Adventurers

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Tanya Baumgardner (not verified)

JASON Project Curriculum

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My 6th grade Earth Science students have been using the JASON Project's Operation Resilient Storm for the past month. I love that I can send set-up a webpage from the site, assign various tasks (assessments, reading,interactive games, videos, etc), as well as do labs together in class. I teach 6 periods of science and it is very, very easy to manage and my student's online journals are examples of some of their best writing and thinking yet!

Edutopia staff and parent of two public high schoolers

More on Jason

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Staff comment:

You can read more to this story at JASON and the New Argonauts: Students Become Explorers. Here is the Jason Project Web site.

tyler (not verified)

jason project

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hi do you know how to get to the jason project

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