Travel Offers Learning Without Borders for High School Students

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Mai Kou Xiong (not verified)

This is wonderful that your

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This is wonderful that your students can do this! It not only benefit the students but teachers too. I will be taking 25 students to Thailand in December!

Marge Tye Zuba,Ed.D. (not verified)

International School of the Americas--a thrilling video

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This video is thrilling to watch. It is a sign of hope for the future of our planet. The staff at ISA can be most proud of their scholarship, passion and belief in the capacity of the students to embrace a hunger for learning and problem solving. Thank you.


Leo Merle (not verified)

U.S. schools broadening their horizons

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This is a great example of U.S. schools broadening their horizons, exploring other countries, and gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for opinions and perspectives from across borders.

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