Teaching Elementary Students the Magic of Math

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Math is Magic

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I work with students who often have great trouble in math - but more importantly, they usually have difficulty with problem solving, planning, memory and/or other excutive functions. I use a problem solving strategy from Solve It! and use a same approach in my content classes. It's amazing how well some of the skills can all come together!! They read, paraphrase, visualize, hypothesize, estimate, compute and check and we can apply that all over the place - good learning. .. Even my truly anti-math students are learning that they have an inner mathematician :). It's very exciting to see another whole school following a similar philosophy with great sucess!

Former Director of Outreach at Edutopia

Math curriculum at Fullerton IV Elementary School

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Staff comment:

Hi Linda,

Isn't this an inspiring story? You will find more information about this school's math curriculum in the article that accompanies this video segment. Click on "More to this story." There is also a nice Q&A with Principal Mickey Garrison. It's my understanding that the school uses different math curricula and vendors at different grade levels. There isn't one Magic Math program.



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Is Magic Math a program? I was very impressed with the attitudes of the adults and the children. We need to be teaching our students how to problem solve and be thinkers.


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