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Henry Jenkins on Edutopia's Digital Generation

| Edutopia

We love feedback about how our content is being used. To that end, we are honored to be referenced in a recent post by Henry Jenkins, one of the most well-respected media researchers in the world, on his blog Confessions of an Aca-Fan.

Jenkins provides great context to Edutopia's Digital Generation package as he describes the value of getting firsthand accounts from kids and leading experts in digital media. He plans to use this content with his students in his new role as the Provost's Professor of Communications, Journalism, and Cinematic Art at the University of Southern California.

Check out Jenkins's post and let us know how you plan to use the Digital Generation Project materials and what more you'd like to see from Edutopia in the future. (And watch two Digital Generation Project videos featuring Jenkins: one about new media and another on parent participation.)

-- Cindy Johanson, COO

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