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City-Concept Classrooms

Oral Savas Re&De Co-ordinator at Kocaeli Uni. School of Foreing Lang.

Hello All!
I am Oral Savaş. I have been working for the School of Foreing Languages,Kocaeli University (Turkey). We teach several languages-mainly English- to our students and there are 2 main departments in our school. One is Department of Basic English, the other is Department of Modern Languages. In Basic English department we provide our students the necessary English skills and let them graduate at Level B1 (CEFR).

This year I will work as the coordinator of Re&De unit. With my team, we are planning to improve our portfolio that we have been using for 5 years. It is tested and evaluated under the Writing Skill. It contains several task throughout the year. Students keep their weekly, monthly tasks within a file and hand them in. Their tasks, homeworks, essays, process writing tasks,presentation are included in these portfolio files. In five years some parts have been added and dropped. It's always been updated.
During my observation I have decided that students find it meaningless to achive all these tasks. Because they believe that these homeworks will not contribute to their Language skills and they also think that the tasks assigned are IRRELEVANT. Two sequential tasks are completely different. For example. Task No.1 How is the weather in your town. Make a chart. Task No.2 Who is your personal hero? Write a short paragraph.
As you may notice above, these two tasks have nothing to share. Considering this fact as well as others, I have developed an idea. City-Concept Portfolios. We are planning
to integrate cities with portfolios. Classrooms will be converted to cities from all over the world. Begining with physical environment, Students will establish the city day by day. Most of the task will directly be related with the city, i.e. Prepare a transport analysis for "London". The SETTLERS of the city will understand and live the city. Here we are hoping that they will use English to find out the information about the city.
The things above are just a part of my idea. I am hoping to improve this idea with your brilliant ideas.
Thanks. :D

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