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Essential Question Project

Essential Question Project

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Using the "essential question" as outlined by ACTFL TOY, Yo Azama, I have created a new project. I welcome comments and ideas from you all.


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Don Doehla, MA, NBCT's picture
Don Doehla, MA, NBCT
2015 California Language Teacher of the Year, Co-Director Berkeley WL Project at UC Berkeley Language Center

Hola Sra Witten!

You always have such creative ideas, it is hard to imagine what critique anyone could offer that would make a difference! I especially appreciate that you so openly share your ideas with others, here, on Langchat / Twitter, and on your excellent blog:


I am wont to add anything, actually, but, in an attempt to offer some feedback for consideration, I will offer these ideas:

1) I wonder if you might organize your project around the Project-Based Learning model - you already have many of the 8 elements of PBL, but they may not quite be as obvious as they might if you were to use the planning form for PBL. See the great materials available at BIE.org, including their templates. I have taken the Buck Institute's Project Planning form and reorganized it for World Languages, adding in the elements needed to create a project for a World Language class. My form is available on my wiki site here:

2) I wonder if you might have separate rubrics for WL content (language and culture) and for the 21st Century Skills (4 C's)? You might also have a digital project rubric. I have been working on my rubrics and it seems like I change them often as I learn more about how my students understand them.

3) I think there is a difference between Essential Questions (as Yo spoke about) and Driving Questions (in the PBL model). I am not yet sure I able able to articulate the distinctions sufficiently yet, but I sense a difference worth pondering! I need to write a piece about that soon.

As for anything else, I wonder what others may think? What say you, WL Community? Got some feedback?

Hope to see your replies soon!

Best wishes,

Sra. Witten's picture
Sra. Witten
High School Spanish Teacher flipping over the Flipped Class

Thanks so much for the feedback. Lots of good points to think about, and like you, I am not sure of exact answers.

Don Doehla, MA, NBCT's picture
Don Doehla, MA, NBCT
2015 California Language Teacher of the Year, Co-Director Berkeley WL Project at UC Berkeley Language Center

Thanks for posting and the privilege of the conversation! Let us know how it goes when you do your project!

Happy summer,

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