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Discussing Collaboration And PLC Work in the World Languages, and our Specific Challenges


So right now I'm taking a class on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and, basically, the benefits of formalized collaboration.

Now, my school is very involved in PLCs (we call them Action Teams), especially the core subject teachers.

BUT in the world language department we struggle to do good things with out "common planning" time. It's in large part because we all teach different things, our course-load changes from year to year, there is no set of standards or curriculum that we follow, and no common assessments.

I would imagine the PLC structure leaves a lot of world language teachers struggling...

But I'd also imagine that some people are doing it right.

I wonder if you'd share your experience with me? You could share here, or on the blog I've created to address the topic:


thank you!

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WOOPS! I put down the wrong link.

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I'm sorry, if you want to join the discussion on my blog it's:


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