Should Students Evaluate Their Teachers? A reply ... | Edutopia
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Should Students Evaluate Their Teachers? A reply ...

Should Students Evaluate Their Teachers? A reply ...

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Ben Johnson's blog post on Edutopia is exciting to me! See it here: Edutopia I really love reflection as an instructional tool. Here is my reply to Ben's comments: I regularly ask my students how I am doing as a part of my formative assessment process. This is easy to do in Edmodo - I create a few questions for reflection on the unit of instruction/learning, asking students to evaluate how they have done regarding learning objectives, and asking them for their input about my delivery, support, guidance... I ask them what works well for them, and what they would like me to do that would be more helpful. As I ask these questions, students have the option not to respond if they like, but almost everyone does respond. I have learned a great deal from my students! This approach has also offered me the opportunity to get to know the students in my class as well. I have nothing but good to gain by asking for their input! Some colleagues ask me about the negative input I might receive and how I handle that. I think the way the questions are worded is helpful - rather than say what did NOT work, I prefer to ask how some activities might be improved. The subtle shift from a negative question to a positive one usually ensures a constructive response. I also work hard at guiding students to be reflective, positive, and engaged in their project groups. The culture of the class promotes positive engagement over criticism - critique is good, criticism is not so very helpful! I also like the protocol of "I like, I wonder, Next Steps might include..." Reflection is a powerful tool for deeper learning. I encourage teachers to explore incorporating reflection as part of their teaching practice! What about you WL teachers? How have you incorporated reflection as a tool for learning and engagement? Any success stories to share? I would love to hear your ideas! Lots to learn from this PLN! Best to all, Don

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