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BookMentors: Classes in Need of Bilingual Books and Books in Language Other Than English

Jen Soalt Executive Director of BookMentors

I am a former urban teacher and literacy coach who is writing to the group for two reasons: to let them know about a new nonprofit I founded, and to get their advice about what bilingual books and books in language other than English you would like our organization to make available to teachers.

In June me and a group of colleagues are launching BookMentors, a nonprofit that connects teachers and students in need of books with donors who want to give books. BookMentors' web platform centers around a continuously updated collection of children's and YA literature. On the web platform teachers can request books or suggest books for the collection. Donors can fulfill teachers' request, suggest books for the collection, or offer to give particular books. Everybody gets to comment on their favorite children's and YA literature. For more information about BookMentors and to leave contact info for our launch please see our informational webpage: www.bookmentors.org

I am currently starting to build the collection of books BookMentors will have available for our launch in June and would love to hear suggestions from the community for bilingual titles and titles in languages other than English which they think should be available.

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Co-Director East Bay WL Project at UC Berkeley Language Center


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Thanks for the posting Jen - You have a worthy project, and I wish you all the best! What does everyone suggest? I will do some looking around myself!


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