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Has anyone had experience using wikis in the secondary English classroom? I am considering using a wiki with a novel and I am looking for some suggestions. Thanks.

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Shanna Falgoust's picture
Shanna Falgoust
Campus Instructional Technology Specialist for a Hays CISD middle school

I'm not an English teacher, but I use wikis. I am currently using Wikispaces. What exactly are you wanting to do?

Rachel's picture

You know, I am not sure. I would like to give my students more engaging writing opportunities, for one. I was thinking of taking an American novel, like Gatsby and having them research the 1920's and then the life of Fitzgerald. I thought also to assign them the role of characters and have each character create a page. My goal is to use tech more, so I am open to any suggestion. Thanks for responding to my post. I appreciate any idea you have.

Colleen Meyer's picture

Hi, I used wikispaces last year with a high school modified english class. We were reading the book That Was Then, This is Now. I was new at this and my class had a difficult time with writing and relating text to everyday life. By setting up a very simple wiki, they became engaged and interested. I would post a general question regarding the story and they would respond off of my questions and their classmates. I would definitely try this out. It is very simple to do and amazing to see how the students became interested! I would love any other suggestions as well if anyone has any. This was all I did with the wiki so far.

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