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How the Media plays a part in how students feel about being successful

How the Media plays a part in how students feel about being successful

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There is this news station in our community that does an "ALL STAR" student section each week, I believe. It highlights a student from a school around the valley who has a grade point average of 3.?-4.0. I only say 3.? because I have never heard of one lower than 3.0. The students are also involved in sports and may also be a member of a club or leader of a club (secretary, president, etc.) as they hold this high grade point average. This bothers me so much. I think of how the media portrays the "successful" students or the "ALL STAR" students as only being those who ARE involved in a sport and have a high grade point average. What about those students who grew from a 1.0 to a 2.5 or those students who are involved in Drama or some other extracurricular activity other than sports with a grade point average lower than a 3.5? What about the student who goes to school, holds a job, takes care of their siblings, and although they may not have that high grade point average, does not give up and remains in school and strives to do their best? I personally think of those students who have made growth and have not given up on themselves as the "ALL STAR" students and would like to see them highlighted in the media. It would let our children and youth know that they are also stars for the things they have achieved. How do you feel? Esperanza Paul

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