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Parent/Teacher Communication... HELP!

Parent/Teacher Communication... HELP!

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As a teacher, I understand that it is essential to maintain connected to the parents of my students. I realize that I should be constantly contacting them in order to share all types of information- student health (did he/she complain of any aches and pains that day), student behavior (was it a good day or a bad day?), student accomplishments and celebrations, etc. I would like to put into place some sort of constant system of communication between the parents and myself- one that is fairly easy to document. I am in the habit of sending home a weekly newsletter in order to keep parents updated on weekly skills, but I would like something more personal. What makes this difficult is that I have many student's parents that have a disconnected phone line, many student's parents that are illiterate, and many student parents that do not have regular access to a computer; therefore, making communication difficult. Does anyone have a suggestion for how I could become better connected with the parents of my students? I am open to any and all comments and suggestions. Thanks!

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