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Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

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I learned that some of the activities I have been participating in actually has a name its referred to as professional leaning communities (PLC). As a teacher who taught in both regular and in special education I value the input of others. I wouldn't be the teacher trainer I am today without community. Over the years my favorite online communities have been teachers' TV where there are clips on deferential learning and examples of how to teach children with specific disabilities. On my job I have formed a support group with the head teachers of the special schools. We trade war stories, we learn from search other and we actively examine areas that needs changing and the methods that may work. I attended webinairs online on teaching students who are blind. At international conferences with other special education officers and teachers. We learn from each other, we share our frustrations and we keep in touch by email. One of my colleagues is taking a sabbatical to come and work with me in my department for a year. What I now know to be PLCs is a valuable practice, a habit for any teacher to cultivate because it keeps us sane and we realized we are not alone in the struggle to be teachers in a unfriendly system.

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