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Is starting an accelerated program in third grade too early for students or should the studetns be challenged in the general classroom?


I am a current third grade teacher and this is the question that are school is facing. We would like to start an accelerated third grade, but will the students still have time to be children? I do not want to put the stress of a fast paced, high expectation curriculum on the students, but if the class is project based, they could still have fun.

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Hi Natasha, What you are

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Hi Natasha,

What you are dealing with is a tough situation. I taught first grade last year and had a few students who were well above their peers and I too had to decide what angle I was going to take. I honestly believe that kids need to be kids for the most part but we did have a few things like a "reading club" that we organized with all the higher level first graders. They would basically read a chapter book and then would have in depth/higher level discussions and activities/projects to go along with it. We did have a wonderful parent who ran and partially organized it for us. The kids loved it and it still allowed them to be part of the class and not segregated.

I also had a parent who knew that her child was gifted and chose to allow them to be in the classroom participating with others and then worked with her at home on some higher level things. There is enough pressure already placed on kids and I think if we offer a few opportunities for them to expand it is great but why go overboard.

That is just my opinion, good luck!

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