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Novice to Expert


Much has been said and written about teachers moving from being a novice teacher to an expert teacher. I understand the concept of "expert" teacher, but can one really ever be an expert in a field such as teaching. We may very well improve our effectiveness, but can we safely ever call ourselves an expert?

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3rd Grade Teacher, Mascoutah Elementary, Mascoutah, IL

Josh, I absolutely agree with

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Josh, I absolutely agree with your comment about expert teachers. A great teacher is able to hit their students at their individual level and learning style.

Pre-K Teacher from Bradley, Illinois

No, I don't believe we can

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No, I don't believe we can ever truly call ourselves "experts". I have been teaching for 17 years in early childhood. I don't feel that even after teaching for this period of time, that I am an expert. I feel that when we do call ourselves experts, we are saying I know all I need to know, so I am done attending conferenes, trying new strategies, etc. I am not going to do that. In February I started my masters, and I am so glad that I did. In the short time that I have been in it, I have already made some changes, nothing huge, but changes nevertheless. And I am proud of myself for taking on this new role as a student. During the day, I am the teacher, and at night I am again the student.

high school leadership teacher

I don't think that spending

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I don't think that spending time in a profession constitutes you as an expert. While their is something to say about veteran teachers knowing how to manage a classroom, I do think that our profession is constantly changing and no one can be an expert at everything. You may be an expert at your content, but are you using the newest technology or differentiated instruction in your classroom? The education world is always changing. If you stop for a minute to call yourself and expert, you will quickly fall behind the teachers who are constantly learning new teaching strategies.

High School Special Education teacher from Bourbonnais, Illinois

More to learn

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With education being an ever-changing career, I find it difficult to become an expert teacher. I feel there are always ways to improve in teaching and a person in education will continually change, whether it be their ideas or curriculum. I believe a novice teacher can become more educated in their field of expertise, but to become an expert means that there is nothing else to learn. With education, there will always be something else to learn.

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