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Novice to Expert

Novice to Expert

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Much has been said and written about teachers moving from being a novice teacher to an expert teacher. I understand the concept of "expert" teacher, but can one really ever be an expert in a field such as teaching. We may very well improve our effectiveness, but can we safely ever call ourselves an expert?

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Jennifer Powers's picture

I would have to answer your question as no! I do not believe any teacher can be an expert. An expert is someone who knows everything about their field of work. In teaching with all of the consistent changes for examples, standards, curriculum, and even students. Every year a teacher could get a student that they would have to research strategies to help that student be successful. You never know what kind of students you could get. Expert? no, master or veteran teacher yes.

Cat's picture

I believe teachers can be experts. Why wouldn't they be able to? Teachers, more than most professionals, continue their education and get feedback from colleagues and superiors, which helps them learn and grow. I know what you're saying about dealing with different students, but what about a teacher who has been teaching for fifteen years? How many different students were they exposed to? I don't think it's easy to become an expert and you don't just get there because of the years that are put in. But the professional that continues their education, that shares experiences with colleagues and is actively involve with their students' success, I believe they can achieve the "Expert" title.

Casie Nider's picture

I do not think teachers can be experts. To me that is someone who is an expert in everything. I can see teachers being experts in some areas. Education is constantly changing, so to me it is difficult to become an expert in education. Teachers work extremely hard in gaining all the knowledge they can in what they teach, but from experience by the time I am fully comforable with someone it seems that new ways and resources emerge so I become a novie again by gaining and trying the new information.

Meridith's picture

I think that all teachers at some point were a novice. I know I was. I am now more experienced and have learned a lot the last four years I have been teaching. I also think that if a teacher considers themselves as an expert, they probably should no longer be in the profession. Calling yourself an expert means you know all you can possibly know. We all know that is never the case in education. If you want to be an effective teacher you will continue to learn from your experiences and learning best practices to better improve your teaching.

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