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Blogging, what's that?

Blogging, what's that?

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For me, this is the first time I have ever posted something on a blog. I never really thought about it before. As stated in our Walden Assignment, our collaboration is limitless. I am wondering how many teachers out there use blogs in their classrooms with the students? I've just started a blog for my students!! I think its a great way to get kids involved in technology, and have a safe place to submit their answers to my questions! I have created Reading "Book Club" blogs and a science blog. What other types of blogs has anyone created for their students?

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Pam's picture
High school teacher from Des Plaines Illinois

You could find additional information about making a free blog at Also Youtube has videos on how to blog. I have never blogged and have used these two things to learn more about blogging and how to start a free blog. Try it! It is fun!

Natalie Steel's picture

I am interested to know how this is working in your classroom? What grade do you teach? Are you focusing mostly on student questions in these blogs or are the students using this as a tool to learn and respond to their learning? Please email me or respond on this blog. i really do want to learn more about how you are incorporating this in your classroom.

Vicki Dowd's picture

I am new to blogging too. I approached this task with trepidation as I would classify myself as a technophobe. I really did not understand the implications of using blogging in education because I had the misconception that blogging was basically social networking. I was so surprised at the research based on the benefits to learning and admit I have changed my mind about blogging.

I might not be ready to use it yet but I will definitely consider using it in the future. Maybe my students can instruct me on how to use one. Thanks also for the "heads-up" about the problems and the need for good guidelines for using blogging in class.

Vicki Dowd's picture

Some really good information on the Classroom Management blog - see the article by Tristan de Frondeville on "how to Keep Students Engaged". Also found the PBL site informative.

Julie's picture

I am entirely new to blogging too and I have to admit that I find it all to be very intimidating. I can see the benefits for me in learning and communicating with other professionals that I otherwise could never be in touch with. It is a great way to further my own learning. I don't yet see how I can use it for my third graders, however. Any suggestions? Right now my students only have access to the internet once a week in a lab situation. I do have one computer in the classroom that I could let them use if I could supervise them to be sure they didn't get into any of my files but I just don't see what they could use blogging for. Are they a little too young?

Kerry Milligan's picture

Our school provides us with internet websites and a link to blogs. Its been a very useful tool. I teach fourth grade and I have mostly used the blog in science and for reading groups. For the reading groups, I post a question for further thought on each book the students are reading. Some of the students have internet access at home and complete the question for HW, others use recess time to log on and answer the question. I usually ask a wuestion that doesn't take too much time to answer for HW. Other questions are thought of with computer station time in mind, 30 minutes to answer one or two blogs ?'s. The kids love to blog and it really opens their eyes to collaborate with other student's ideas in the class in a private setting, I think of it as private learning, as I have seen growth in a few students ability to answer questions and see through other's eyes!

Kerry Milligan's picture

Pam, I think that is the assignment, I can't really see that we would cite anything though, it may be difficult to use the articles from this week, but I think we will be able to link the hope for the future, in CH 4 of Why teachers keep going or the How people learn ch of on being a teacher, hope that helps...Kerry

Kerry Milligan's picture

Rachelle, School world is the site our school uses to create web pages for teachers including blog links. Does your school have a web page creator for teachers? There are some free sites online as well I think, you can google it! It is a lot of fun, the kids really get into it and it can really help the lower level students see what other kids are saying! Kerry

Kerry Milligan's picture

I guess the students are doing both, responding to my questions for their reading groups and then relating their thoughts to thier learning in the Science blog. The questions are specialized to the ability groups, its a very easy way to differentiate. I have just posted new questions for the students for next week but I can send you the link so you can see. I'm fairly new to this but it has proven to be beneficial for my students...

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