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Blogging, what's that?

Blogging, what's that?

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For me, this is the first time I have ever posted something on a blog. I never really thought about it before. As stated in our Walden Assignment, our collaboration is limitless. I am wondering how many teachers out there use blogs in their classrooms with the students? I've just started a blog for my students!! I think its a great way to get kids involved in technology, and have a safe place to submit their answers to my questions! I have created Reading "Book Club" blogs and a science blog. What other types of blogs has anyone created for their students?

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Pam's picture
High school teacher from Des Plaines Illinois

I wonder if using a blog in a building (school) for the staff to talk about things. I thinks sometimes teachers time is so limited and maybe a blog could be another way to meet instead of a physical meeting. What do you think?

Brenda Willingham's picture

This blogging activity proves that you are never too old to learn something new. The possibilities to grow and share are unlimited. This is new to me as well and it feels good to learn something else.

Jen M's picture

I think there are so many useful possiblities with blogging. One is simply to read and enjoy another persons perspective. There are around 7 "teaching" blogs I follow through Through this webiste, you can search topics of interest. I follow several middle school teachers and always enjoy their honesty and perspective. Many times, the teachers/authors give simple hints, tell stories or share research they've discovered.

I've also used to start a few of my own blogs. I do have a personal family blog where my friends and family can check in on the family. I also have a school blog where parents can check weekly to see what is going on in the classroom. It's such a safe place to share funny stories (no names, of course) about classroom happenings. I've also attempted using a blog to set up a webquest for my students. It just seemed like an easy place to put a lot of information and lay out responsiblities. I've never really thought about using a blog as a "forum" type of layout for the students. I really like that concept! I think it would be a lot of fun and might have to try it soon!

Kristina's picture

I have heard of blogging, but never tried it and never expected my students to. After going through some websites for blogging, I feel that Edutopia is the easiest to navigate. I think that older students may enjoy blogging, because it corresponds with their own "tech savvy" social world. However, I teach Kindergarten, so blogging may not be for my students right now!

Marina's picture

I agree that is never too late to learn new things! This is my first experience with blogging and it is not as intimidating as I thought it was going to be! By reading these posts, I've already gained so much information about useful websites to use for blogging. I like the idea of using it to communicate with staff members and colleagues. I am concerned about time management. I can see where you could spend hours blogging. Also, I teach first grade. I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to blog at this age. Does anyone have suggestions on how to simplify blogging for time management purposes and to meet the needs of young students?

Lindsey Stallings's picture

I really like that you created a blog for your students. In this day and age students are constantly on the computer and many of them know more about computers that we do as teachers. I think that this is a perfect assignment for students of all ages. The only problem would occur if the students didn't have internet or computer access.

Rebecca F's picture

I was recently introduced to weblog through my online class. I agree that it can be very time consuming as online activity can go on for hours. What is interesting is that you can connect with other teachers anywhere. It doesn't matter what grade you teach because someone on here will be able to share the same ideas, discuss concerns, etc. There are teachers on here from every grade level who have many good ideas to share.

Rebecca F's picture

Starting a weblog for your students is a great idea! It is a great way to connect to students. I knwo that many of my students have tried to look for me on facebook (I don't have an account). This would be a great way to integrate technology with student communication, and content. Does anyone know how to start a weblog? What is a good place to start, web address.

Kari's picture

I do not want to come across as being negative in any way but I am wondering (since I am new to the world of blogging)how do you monitor what students type on school or class blogs? Is there any way to monitor to make sure that they are only submitting appropriate responses, or would you have to check the blog constantly? I believe that I do have the option to blog through my teacher website through my district, but I have been reluctant to get it started for lack of knowledge and comfort on my part. Reading everyone's great ideas and comments makes me feel like this is an adventure that I can be successful at.

Lynne Wright's picture

This is a wonderful concept! I am new to blogging as well, but using blogs with the students would really drawn them in, since this is their frame of reference.

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