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I Teach Because I am a Teacher

I Teach Because I am a Teacher

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No, that's not just some cliche. What I mean is that I went into education because it came naturally to me. Many teachers have reasons for going into teaching like: they want to make a difference, they want to change the world, the want to give back to the community or they love working with kids. These are all great reasons for going into education, however, I wonder how many teachers fail at teaching burn out and become ineffective or change careers because they went into teaching but they were not teachers? That is to say,teaching was not a part of them, it was what they did. As a teacher I have come against many situations where I have felt so useless and questioned why I even continue to teach. Then I remind myself that a teacher is what I am, not what I am doing. I can't help but be a teacher and I love it! I teach because I am a teacher.

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