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Were the "Standards" written by GOD? No, they were written by Government Bureaucrats

Were the "Standards" written by GOD? No, they were written by Government Bureaucrats

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It's simply amazing that educators are so quick to lap up the next great teaching style, mandated from the top without any questions. The latest of course are "the standards" which now dictate not only curriculum but will certainly rewrite lesson plans. It's truly funny that we have given up our teaching autonomy completely to the government where they control the smallest events, the minutiae of the subject matter. What is even worse, the government tests are set up to have students burp back this information on demand. If the school do not perform on the tests, it is marked down, put on report and perhaps denied funding. So administrators [who have not objected in public] and teachers [who follow as though the great light has shown on their classroom] give in to the bureaucrats who write the standards and exert top down control what is taught in an entire state. Progress ? Yes, if you believe in Government Controlled Schools

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