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Use of web2 tools with young kids

Use of web2 tools with young kids

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With the changing trends of the world teachers strategies and their role in the classroom is also changing each day.Teachers and students must strive to creatively employ technology tools to access, evaluate, synthesize and communicate information. Technology is now a universal phenomenon and teachers can use simple as well as interactive web 2 tools to enhance student motivation to communicate with authentic audiences, spend more time on assigned tasks, and develop essential literacy skills needed for vocational and lifetime success in the twenty-first century.

Technologies like Skype, blogs, podcasts, wiki are quite popular and useful to interact and learn from different people about different cultures.

Can anyone suggest how to use such technologies effectively with young 5-6 yr old kids

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Gwen Pescatore's picture
Gwen Pescatore
President Home & School Assoc, #ParentCamp Organizer, Co-Moderator #PTchat

Check out Matt Gomez...both his blog at http://mattbgomez.com/ and on Twitter at @mattbgomez. He is a KG teacher in TX that does some phenomenal job integrating tech into the classroom.

A year 3 teacher in Iceland (Twitter @IngviOmarsson) has a class blog that he kept last year (so a little older) - has also used tech with his students. You can see (and read after you translate the page) here --> http://attaviti.tumblr.com/

Amina Ghafoor's picture

Thanks Gwen for useful suggestion, can you help me how to translate the http://attaviti.tumblr.com page ?

Have you worked with young kids? I'm planning to have a skype session for my kindergarten class with someone in another country as we studying about cultures and languages. Can u recommend someone ??

Dan Callahan's picture
Dan Callahan
Professional Learning Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

Kerpoof http://kerpoof.com is a great site for the little ones!

To translate the link from Gwen, your best bet is to use the Chrome web browser, it will automatically translate for you.

Gwen Pescatore's picture
Gwen Pescatore
President Home & School Assoc, #ParentCamp Organizer, Co-Moderator #PTchat

As Dan suggested, I use Chrome browser. But there's also sites like Babelfish.com that you can copy & paste text in to translate.

I am president of our PTO (both ES & MS)....work with kids - but not a teacher. There are many teachers on Twitter that do "mystery" Skypes. If you share some basic details, I'm happy to share/post on Twitter also. Since you're looking for other countries, be sure to share your time zone (since the other school kids might be in bed while your's are in class).

Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Sometimes, authors will do skype visits with classrooms- if you can connect with an author through twitter or Facebook, just ask- all they can say is no, and most would love to meet their fans!

Like everything else, i think you have to figure out what your teaching goals are, then decide if tech fits in- you don't want to bolt it on where it's not the tool for the job. For little ones, all the old great PC games for kids like Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish and Spy Fox- adveture games with learning and fun built in together- are now available as apps, so they would work with iOS or Android tablets/phones as a center as well.
The BBC also has some great programs, including Dance Mat Typing to help teach keyboarding skills early, (http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/) and Discovery has 'Puterbugs and other games/activities that are fun as well - http://kids.discovery.com/games/puterbugs

Just make sure to put the teaching goals first, and integrate the tech where it makes the most sense.

Gwen Pescatore's picture
Gwen Pescatore
President Home & School Assoc, #ParentCamp Organizer, Co-Moderator #PTchat

Yes...we have had several authors & illustrators skype into our classrooms during our writing celebration week. Some did it free of charge, others had a fee. But a great way to connect the kids with people producing what is in their hands. Virtual museum tours is another fun opportunity for the kids.

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