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Augmented Reality in class! It's fabulous!

Augmented Reality in class! It's fabulous!

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Hi all,
I visited this website: http://www.eschoolnews.com/ which was given by my doctor and came to know about augmented reality which will make a revolution in eduction!

I wanted to share my report with you to benefit.

This video can give a hint about what augmented reality is.

The Augmented reality enhances the reality and brings it live using special software that can be used in your ipad or smart phone. That means you can improve the content of all curriculum and subjects using interactive technology which will keep students engaged, personalize their individual learning and get them interested. This happen when a student uses any tablet’s camera or smart phones’s camera with an augmented reality application to look at specific content, then the student will experience an overlay of interactive elements that enhance the “normal” scene. For instance, using an augmented reality app while looking at a tablet in front of a historical landmark could call up videos of important historical reenactments, important facts, or more.
It is very important in my working setting. Education can use th AR to unlock information and date in engaging and magical ways. It can meet the differences of students with all kinds of intelligence. Also it enables exploratory learning while students are grounded in the classroom. Another fantastic side is the simulation of many scenes that enables substantial understanding of math concepts.

These are two applications which are used in education :
1. Google Sky Map
This is an augmented reality app which makes learning about astronomy interesting and fun. Instead of looking at descriptions of constellations in a book and then attempting to identify them in the sky, you can use Google Sky Map to directly identify stars and constellations using the camera on your smartphone.
2. FETCH! Lunch Rush
Recently released by PBS KIDS, FETCH! Lunch Rush is an augmented reality app to teach math skills to elementary students through the use of visualization. Designed in 3-D, the app uses your smartphone camera to place graphics on your camera over real-world surroundings. The app then teaches elementary students to add and subtract using real-world scenarios which allow for visualization while solving math problems.

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