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my new project - "lessonwell" - a dead-simple course platform

my new project - "lessonwell" - a dead-simple course platform

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An introduction - I'm a high school Calculus & Engineering teacher in Fort Worth, Texas. In my free time I do some software development stuffs.

Over the last few years I've become frustrated with my inability to find a super easy to use, good looking lesson platform that I could post my lessons online for my students to use. I teach a mostly flipped classroom, so I was looking for something to host the content that I wrote and I would do all of the assessment and whatnot in class. Many of the tools I found online had too many features or were too complicated to use, etc.

So I spent this spring break developing www.lessonwell.com

Essentially I've tried to create a platform that is super simple to use and that is going to look great on any device (the appearance adapts to the device).

Instead of a ton of buttons and options, you type your lessons in one box and can use a specialized shorthand to do things like embed videos, videos, etc (try the shorthand at www.lessonwell.com/playground )

You can use lessonwell for free and there are also subscription based plans with advanced features (I need to convince my wife that this is more than an expensive hobby!). All accounts allow anyone who uses your account to "donate" to your class, subsidizing the cost of lessonwell for you.

I'm eager to know if others out there will find this tool of mind useful, so I would very much appreciate any feedback from you!



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