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Social networking in the classroom

Social networking in the classroom

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Because all social networking has been blocked at our school, I seek an understanding about how such set-ups like Facebook could enhance learning. Would love to hear ideas about how it is used in upper middle grades. What are the pros and cons?

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Quib.ly's picture
Well balanced children in a connected world

We had a similar discussion and there are many ways schools can harness social media:

For example:

1) A well-curated class-based Twitter can help teachers share relevant information with their students

2) Facebook groups also allow subject and class groups to share and debate information, videos, polls, files and documents.

You can read the entire discussion here: http://quib.ly/qu/should-schools-harness-social-media

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I am using Pinterest with my pre-service teachers to pilot classroom application for this site. We are using it do develop a research project on Inclusion for the General Education Classroom. The concluding project will include rationale for the use of Pinterest in the elementary classroom, and how they could see themselves using it. It's a start.

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